5 Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a well-rounded strategy for your business. If you want to raise brand awareness and put your products or services on the map, text messaging is a platform you need to explore. As more and more brands look to reach customers on the move, text messages have become an easy and efficient solution. If you’re looking to engage with your customers in a simple yet efficient manner, take a look at the five benefits you can reap.

1. Incredibly High Open Rates.

Text messages have an opening rate of 98%. That means that 98% of your customers will have access to the information you want to put out in the world. SMS marketing can be a successful medium for you to reach your customers and get your message across. Whether you’re having a sale or want to announce a new launch, a simple text will do the job.

2. Conversion Rate.

SMS campaigns add a personal touch to your marketing game. Unlike online ads that can be for anyone, text messages feel more intimate and will make your customers feel more special. SMS can add to a higher conversion rate and motivate your customers to visit your store or website.

3. Inexpensive Marketing.

Unlike other marketing solutions out there, SMS campaigns are an inexpensive option to engage with your audience. You can reach thousands of customers in a concise period with bulk SMS options. Which features and keywords you want to include is up to you.

4. Wide Access To Customers.

One of the best things about SMS marketing is that you can reach a wide number of customers. With the incredible increase in smartphone users, businesses are starting to recognize the power of SMS marketing. To receive a text, customers only need to have a functioning phone, no internet required. You can use SMS to your advantage and connect with customers or even reach a broader audience.

5. Instant Delivery.

As far as marketing channels go, SMS is pretty quick and efficient. It takes you seconds to reach a broad audience and transmit your message. Sending personalized messages with such speed is rare. Use it to your advantage and engage with your customers.

Textedly is an SMS marketing tool for businesses of all sizes that want to reach their customers on the go. With multiple features and a user-friendly interface, businesses can customize and schedule text messages and connect with customers in an easy, direct way.