Questions to Ask from Healthcare Recruitment Agency

If you are managing a healthcare facility and want to hire a healthcare recruiter, it is better to consider many factors before deciding. There are many types of healthcare recruitment agencies with different specialties. You must shortlist more healthcare recruiters and interview their representatives before hiring. If you are unsure about the questions to ask from a healthcare recruiter, you can read the questions to get an idea.


Healthcare recruiters have a specialty as some are specialized in recruiting temporary healthcare workers. Some recruiters can find excellent nurses for you. It is essential to ask about their specialty. If you can find a recruiter who can handle many aspects of recruiting, it is better to hire that recruiter. Some recruitment agencies have several professionals. Each of their staff can complete different recruiting processes. It is preferable to get the services of a recruitment agency instead of a single person recruiter.

Need for many recruiters

It is better to ask the recruitment agency if they can handle the recruitment of all the hospital staff. Some recruitment agencies only hire nurses. Other recruitment agencies are specialized in hiring physicians only. If the recruitment agency tells you that they can only hire nurses or a particular staff, you may need to get services from another recruitment agency for other staff. It is better to look for a more versatile recruiter for your healthcare facility.

Recruitment process

Every healthcare recruiter has a different recruitment process. Some recruitment agencies advertise the vacancy to the public and shortlist many candidates before starting the interview. Some recruiters advertise the vacancy to a set of people who need a job in the healthcare industry. Some recruitment agencies like to involve a representative from the healthcare facility. You should ask the agency if they have a policy of sharing information with the representative from the healthcare facility. You can decide if you have a representative to handle the recruitment process. It will help you shortlist the recruitment agency that is suitable for your organization. You can also ask if they have specialized software to handle many applications. It is better to ask for the latest healthcare recruitment software. If the recruiter is using one of this software, it is better to prefer that agency.

Fee schedule

Every agency has a different fee schedule. Some agencies charge you a monthly fee for recruiting all the staff. There are agencies that charge fees for every professional they hire for the healthcare facility.