What Is IV Drip Therapy & How Does It Work?

Short for “intravenous drip therapy”, IV drip therapy (also just known as IV therapy) is a clinical method used to directly administer fluids or medication into the body through the person’s veins. Fluids used often include a myriad of different vitamins and minerals or are meditative in nature. IV drip therapy is a great way to quickly administer fluids or medication to the person as they are feeding the fluids directly through the vein and into the bloodstream.

Who Is Allowed To Administer IV Drip Therapy?

IV therapy can be administered and performed by virtually any trained and licensed healthcare professional. This often includes nurses, healthcare providers, surgeons, and EMTs. Because IV drip therapy can be used for a host of different reasons (from life-saving transfusions to simple dehydration) it is important that almost all healthcare providers can perform it.

Here, we’ll go over what the benefits of IV drip therapy are as well as how it is performed and whether it may be good for you.

How Is IV Therapy Performed?

IV therapy is a fairly straightforward process and can generally be performed by just about any healthcare physician or professional. No matter the nature of the fluids, the process is almost always going to be the same. A physician or nurse seats the individual somewhere comfortable before disinfecting both the needle as well as the injection site. From there, the needle is injected directly through the vein. Most patients don’t suffer any noticeable pain outside of a slight pinch at the injection site.

After being inserted, the fluids will be pumped directly through the patient’s vein and into the bloodstream. This is generally much faster than through oral or suppository administration and, after the injection (provided there are no fast movements) the process should be relatively relaxing and pain-free.

What Are The Benefits Of IV Drip Therapy?

IV drip therapy has many benefits. These range from treating common colds and flu to hydrating the body and getting over a hangover, to supporting the immune system and alleviating pregnancy symptoms. IV therapy is also great for quickly administering pain-relief medication or other medications to a patient as opposed to a pill or orally.

Who Should Get IV Drip Therapy?

IV drip therapy is a great method of quickly refueling the body without too much stress or strain. If you’re someone in need of supplemental hydration or vitamins and minerals, IV therapy is something worth considering as a viable method of quickly reversing these deficiencies from days to mere hours.