When You Should See A Urologist

Perhaps you are having some health conditions that are bothering you. Maybe you are wondering if it is now time to see a urologist. If you need a urologist, you will surely receive top quality care when you visit a urologist at your convenience, we mention some health conditions that you should not ignore, which indicate that you should consult with a top quality urologist.

1 When you notice the presence of blood

When you urinate and then notice the presence of blood in the urine, it is definitely time for you to consult with a urologist. If you realize that your urine does not look pale yellow as it normally does and instead has the appearance of a pink color, a tea color, or a brown color, then you need to consult with a knowledgeable and reliable urologist due to the fact that the different color of your urine could indicate that there may be the presence of blood in your urine.

When the urine is discolored, this could be simply the result of a condition that is temporary, such as when you engage in exercise that is quite vigorous or if you have experienced an injury. On the other hand, the discoloration of your urine could signify that you may have a condition that is quite serious. Such conditions may taken into inclusion, kidney stones, a kidney infection, a bladder infection or cancer in the bladder, prostate or kidney. That is why you should not put off seeking the help of a urologist.

2 When it is difficult to control your bladder

If you are having a hard time controlling your bladder, this can become a rather difficult problem and can result in embarrassment. There certainly are different levels of severity, such as if you have bladder leakage when you cough or when you cannot control your bladder before you get to a toilet. If you are experiencing a lack of bladder control that is really impacting your daily life and activities in a negative manner.

3 When you have pain

It is not normal to have pain. Thus, when you have pain, this is an indication that something is wrong. You should indeed consult with a reliable urologist at azurology.com when you experience pain when you stand when you sit or when you lie down. Often the pain is indicative of the presence of kidney stones. Also, you may experience difficulties when you urinate, you may have a fever and you may feel nauseated. These are all symptoms that point to the presence of kidney stones. Also, if you have kidney stones, there may be some blood in your urine. This is why you should not delay in consulting with a urologist in order to get the help and relief that you need.